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Limo Hire Booking Terms

This is the booking terms and conditions of the following website
and is presented by Arrive In Style Limos.


We are dedicated to making sure that your limo hire goes smoothly and without issue. However, on this page is our booking terms and conditions of hire of any of our vehicles.


On this page the terms when we use the words 'we', 'us', 'our', we are referring to Arrive In Style Limousines known hereafter as The Company. When we use the words 'you', 'hirer', 'client', 'user', 'anyone', then we are referring to the client who will be known as The Hirer. It will be deemed that The Hirer accepts responsibility by him/her self for every person in his/her party and fully agrees to the conditions of hire as set out below:

Your agreement will be based on the document you sign

When you hire a limousine from us it is on the basis that it is for your use only, and for the guests you invite. Full details of the hire are shown on your booking form. This page is for information purposes only! Your booking terms and conditions of hire will be governed solely by the paperwork presented to you at the time of hire. This page is not the full legal terms and conditions of hire. Please check with your document you receive from Hampshire Limo Hire as this document will be the one used in any case of legal misunderstandings.

Typical booking agreement terms

1) Each vehicle is individually licensed per seating capacity. This will NOT be exceeded for any reason.

2) Our aim is to provide a punctual, safe and reliable service, however due to circumstances beyond our control i.e. adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, breakdowns or accidents, delays can occur, we will endeavour to do all in our power to get you to your destination.

3) In the event of breakdown or accident to the vehicle before the date of hire, we will make every effort to ensure that the vehicle is repaired or an alternative vehicle made available. If this is not acceptable to the hirer* and the hirer* wishes to cancel the trip, a full refund of monies paid, will be offered.

4) Smoking and eating is NOT permitted in the vehicle at any time. Failing to adhere to this requirement may result in a clean-up fee.

5) No food can be consumed or transported inside the vehicle.

8) Any persons consuming alcohol in the vehicle MUST be over the legal age of 18.

7) Any consumption of alcohol is at the driver's discretion and must be provided by the hirer*. (All persons MUST be over 18.) Drinks packages can be purchased on your behalf prior to your trip.

8) When entering and exiting the vehicle, this must be carried out through the main entrance and NOT via any additional emergency exits. This applies to all passengers.

9) The hirer* must abide by and advise all passengers in the party that they are required by law to wear seatbelts where they are fitted. The hirer* is responsible for any fines imposed for failing to comply.

10) Whilst the vehicle is in motion all bodily extremities i.e. arms, legs, heads etc. must remain inside the vehicle at all times and not be emitted through the sunroof or windows.

11) The hirer* expressly accepts that except in cases of extreme emergency, only the driver may open and close any doors or exits. This is a safety precaution to minimise any risks of accidents, damage to the vehicle and/or any third party. As a result of the hirer*/hirers* party failing to adhere to this condition, the responsibility falls entirely onto the hirer* and the trip will be terminated immediately. WITHOUT COMPENSATION OR REFUND.

12) We reserve the right to terminate the journey immediately for any of the below:
a. Inappropriate/offensive behaviour.
b. Actions that could damage the vehicle in anyway or endanger the safety of fellow passengers/members of the public.
c. Opening of any emergency EXIT(s)

13) Should a passenger vomit in the vehicle, the journey will be stopped and that person will be required to pay £200 before the trip will continue. This will be used to cover the costs of any valeting. Should the person not be able to pay the responsibility of this falls to the hirer* whose card will be charged accordingly.

14) Any breakages or damage to the vehicle will be charged to the hirer.

15) All deposits and stage payments are non-refundable.

16) A booking is not secure until the required deposit has been received.

17) Should the hirer* wish to make a cancellation within 28 days of the journey date, FULL payment will be charged to the credit/Debit card used to make the booking.

18) Any cancellations must be received in writing (this can be done via email) 28 days before your journey date. Any payments made are non refundable unless you have cancellation cover (See below).

19) The Hirer* is responsible for any damages to the vehicle including, chewing gum in carpet, excessive spillage and major clean ups. This will be charged to the Hirers* credit/debit card.

20) We cannot be held responsible for any traffic delays/accidents/breakdowns etc that may cause missed flights - Always book with plenty of time for your/any airport transfers.


Should you, the Hirer* not be satisfied with either the driver or vehicle, the office should be notified IMMEDIATELY. Should there be an issue with any aspect of your trip, we MUST be made aware of this immediately by phone 02392 358627, in order for us to have the opportunity to rectify or compensate any issue.

NO complaint can be compensated or looked into after the date of hire.

HIRER* - The hirer is the person whose name is entered into the box "Hirers Name" or customer who is in charge of the booking.

Should you wish to purchase CANCELLATION COVER this must be purchased within 7 days of making your initial deposit payment. Please note this would be a separate payment. Please contact the office for further details.

Review of this Policy

We keep this Policy under regular review. This Policy was last updated March 2023.